20 September 2016

Visa support

Applying for a visa

If you need visa to come to Russian Federation please contact the coordinator of the program you apply for.

Fill out an appropriate form and send it along with a digital copy of your passport (pages containing your personal data) to coordinator by e-mail. The copy should be legible and the photograph should be clearly visible. Your passport should be valid for 1 year upon the date of your visa expiry.

Not earlier then 45 days prior to your estimated arrival MGIMO requests the Department of Consulate Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to invite you to MGIMO. Upon getting the approval the program coordinator forwards you the reference number of the electronic invitation (TELEX) and information of its validity period. The electronic invitation is sent directly to the Russian Consulate in your home country in the city which is indicated in your application form.

Once you have the reference number you should contact the Russian Consulate or Embassy and apply for visa. According to the Law you are allowed to apply for single/double entry student visa for 90 days. This type of visa can be extended in Russia for the required period of time as a multiple.
Please check the list of the documents required for visa obtaining at the website of the Russian Consulate in your home-country.
Letter of Invitation/Letter of Acceptance is not required to apply for and obtain visa.

Please be informed It is prohibited to arrive to Russia/MGIMO earlier then your visa allows you to do it.

Visa extension

“Student one/double entry visa" is extended as “Student multiple entry visa” for up to 12 months upon your arrival at MGIMO. You should apply for visa extension 45 days before the date of your visa expiring.

In order to extend your visa please contact MGIMO Department of visas and registrations (office 1023) and submit the following documents:

  1. Statement for visa extension
  2. Application form (the example)
  3. Passport and its copy (the page with personal data)
  4. Copy of valid visa
  5. Migration card and its copy (the copy should be legible and the border stamp should be clearly visible)
  6. “Notification of the arrival of the foreign citizen” and its copy(both sides)
  7. The extension payment fee Rub1600 (a slip)
  8. One matt photo 3x4 cm

A foreign citizen who stays in the Russian Federation on expired visa can be prosecuted for violation of the Migration regulation and fined (up to 5000 Rubles) or deported with subsequent ban on entry the Russian Federation for 5 years.

Contact information:
Office 1023
Office hours: Monday-Thursday (10.00-12.00; 14.00-16.00) Friday (10.00-12.00)
Tel: +7 (495)234-58-79, e-mail: visa@inno.mgimo.ru

Ms. Olga Bokavneva
Ms. Daria Chizhova